So you have chosen the dress. Now to accessories. 

Bridal headpieces can be just as a big a decision as your dress… What style, what shape, traditional or modern, vintage… the list is endless!

So here are a few Pointers to make the decision easier:

  • Decide on your hairstyle first
  • Talk to your hairdresser
  • Have a hair trial
  • Do you want a veil (you can still incorporate a headpiece with a veil)
  • Has your wedding a theme or a look?
  • What style is your dress (your headpiece should complement)
  • What look are you trying to achieve?
  • Do you want to theme your headpiece with your bridesmaids?
  • Do you want to add colour?
  • Do you want bling?

You can check out images in magazines, online at Pinterest, etc for ideas – but remember many bridal images may look fantastic in fashion photography but may not be practical or necessarily look great from all angles in the ‘real world’.

Though you can buy pieces online it’s nice to get a piece made bespoke. I often make pieces for brides using fabrics from the dress alterations or add beading or broaches from a family heirloom or grannies pearls to add that something old!

You want to be careful when choosing a high fashion piece so as to avoid it dating your wedding photos in years to come! Remember to choose something that reflects your personality, something that you feel comfortable in.

Popular trends are:

  • Classic veils with a beaded or comb for detail once you take the veil off
  • Chic Strings of pearls and crystals that can be twisted through the hairstyle
  • Vintage-inspired scull caps with soft birdcage veiling
  • Classic pillbox hats
  • Modern small button pillboxes in lace or beaded fabrics
  • Simple 50s inspired headbands
  • Crystal combs or bands
  • Boho floral and crystal headpieces

Check out my bridal images for ideas, you can call or message me to make a appointment.