A year on and the shock and challenges of Covid-19 on my business are clear.

Covid has turned my world upside down, inside out. At the best of times I work on my own, but not having the one to one appointments was really tough for me. Throw in the cancelled orders and the upset of my clients postponed events – it’s fair to say it has taken its toll on my business.

But my loyal customers have been a great support to me. Purchasing my Retro Jersey Headbands (for those bad hair days!), Fabric Face Masks, my cute Breton Striped Jersey Baby Hats .. and my new adult eco Jersey Hats “Hatabog” perfect for walking and running. Thank you all!

As the landscape is ever-changing and still uncertain, I have continued to produce new products which are in the pipeline, all in an effort to brighten our days!! 

So please do follow me on my social media for these new and hopefully exciting updates soon. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinerest

So has ‘dressing up’ gone out of fashion? Absolutely not! Bespoke Millinery is where my heart is. As soon as these restrictions ease, I will be taking appointments once more.

Hope to see you all soon, Wendy ❤️

Snake Coral - Pattern | Wendy Louise Designs
Jersey Baby Hats - Green | Wendy Louise Designs