Hats for the Races

Some woman need little or no encouragement when it comes to choosing hats for the races! Ladies, just remember, if you are looking to get into the Who’s Who of fashion in the back of the glossy magazines let it be for the right reasons and don’t make your mark in the “What not to wear” section.

Here’s a simple rule: with a plain, structured dress you can go a little more crazy with the hat while for a more detailed lace or printed fabric I suggest strong shapes and picking out two or three colours from the print. Anymore than that and you could be in danger of serious overload. Also, gone are the days of ‘matchy matchy’ so there is no need to start adding bits and bobs to shoes and bags to try to match your outfit.

I also think that era of the fluffy feather fascinator is coming to an end. Let’s please let them retire gracefully and give the real hats a chance to shine!

A wonderful alternative to the fascinator is a small beanie percher hat – a neat but classy, simple and elegant design.

If you are looking for a larger hat, the races are the ideal opportunity to go wild with sweeping satellite dishes and wonderfully chic mushroom-shaped brims.

Or you might try classic pill box shapes with dramatic height and structured details.

Just try to remember: race courses are windy and often cold so it makes sense to try to dress appropriately. You can still be elegant, though. Maybe a trouser suit and a funky trilby hat or fedora is more in keeping with a fresh autumn race meeting.