Mother of the Groom

Etiquette dictates that the mother of the bride gets first dibs on choosing her outfit… but in this modern age, I think it’s just about communication! You need to have a chat with the bride to be and her mother to get an idea of the theme of the style of the wedding. The bride may want a say in the overall colours worn but she may just be happy for you to wear whatever you want. Out of politeness, you should tell the brides mother about the colour and style of the mother of the groom outfit that you are thinking of wearing. The same goes for the choice of headwear with many mothers of the grooms being led by the choice of the bride’s mother.

I hear it all the time, “the M of B is only wearing a small piece”. This doesn’t mean that you have to follow suit when you are dying to wear a large showstopper of a hat but you just need to be polite and convey your intentions!

The trend is moving away from the feather fascinator, if it’s a small headpiece you are looking for then the button hats / small pillboxes are an ideal choice. These can look elegant and classy teamed with a trim of netting or a twisted knot detail and a small cluster of crystals or pearls.

My leaf fascinators are also a popular choice, a structured piece made from sinamay. This piece sits to the side of the face and gently curls upwards to give a moment and interest to the piece. These pieces sit on a thin headband and are easy to wear. They also don’t mess up your hair as a full hat would!

Another popular choice is the disc-shaped hats that are available in various different sizes. Though feather fascinators have seen ‘their day’, it’s still OK to wear a small headpiece or a fascinator.

If you are able to visit my showroom (by appointment only) you will have fun trying on all the various shapes of hats and fascinators. I can then help and advise you on the style and fabric choice for your piece, help you decide and match colours and produce a bespoke piece for your big day. If you need a hat in a hurry you can buy it direct of the shelf either on my online store or from my stockists.