Pill Box Hats 

Pill Box Hats are my all time suggestion for that timeless addition to the wardrobe!

When we think of the pill box hats we immediately think of style icons Jackie Kenned, Audrey Hepburn and more recently Katie Middleton, these stylish high profile ladies wear this style perfectly.

Out of the need to wear a hat Jackie Kennedy started the trend of perching the pill box on the back of her head (which I think is funny because she didn’t like hats at all!) Perfect for the 60s full hairstyle of the day; but our modern day icon Kate Middleton wearing the pill box in modern fashion, she wears them relaxed with her hair down and, her pill boxes are always simple and unfussy. Who wouldn’t want to look as elegant as Kate, she wears them so well!

Pill box hats were born from a fashion echoing military hats. As early a the 1930s simple pill box hats with jewellery and netting were the new vogue of hat wearing. In the 1960s Dior and Givenchy produced pill box hats as part of their culture collections of Paris.

In my collection of hat blocks (the mould used to shape hats) I am lucky to have ome vintage pill box shapes as well as modern day twists on this well loved shape, so I can reproduce the styles w all love. The pill box screams versatility.

It can be produced in our array of fabrics, silk, wool, velvet, straw, the list is endless. My pill box hats are a labour of love. These small hats I find are best totally hand sewn, small neat stitches needed to give a seamless professional piece, a good design and well balanced trim, they are small works of art and something you can wear and wear again.

To me the pill box is that must have shape in our wardrobe. It’s the court shoe of millinery! A hat that is timeless, a hat that can see us through a wedding , graduation or funeral.. Its a personal favourite.. It is definitely my icing on the cake.