A few tips in choosing the perfect piece for a wedding

  • Remember that your hat will be permanently imprinted on history in the famous wedding album and video. My advice: choosing a classic, timeless shape will avoid you experiencing that “What was I wearing?” moment in years to come.
  • Only bring one person or, better still, no-one at all with you to a bespoke appointment. If you are in need of advice bring someone you trust. If not, I can help advise you; I would never suggest a style in which you don’t feel absolutely comfortable.
  • If you need to, try on your outfit when choosing a hat. It gives a great feel.
  • If you are in flat shoes stand on your tiptoes. It makes you stand tall.
  • Learn to embrace colour.
  • Be honest with yourself about what makes you feel comfortable.
  • Remember, a wide-brimmed down-turned hat could cast a shadow on your face which would not be ideal for the photographs.
  • Consider avoiding high fashion shapes. Classic styles are often more elegant and chic.
  • Don’t be afraid to go away and think before you make your decision.

How to wear your hat

Hat shapes: if you are petite, try to avoid a wide, down-turned brim design as it will create a mushroom shape and make you, well, smaller! Try a shape that has movement and height.

Remember the rule: hat width no wider than your shoulders! (Unless participating in an arty Vogue photo shoot).

Hair up or down? This depends of the shape of the hat. A pillbox looks amazing with a low, twisted knot or hair left loose and swept to one side. Fascinators work well with hair-up styles as the pieces are not as large and you can let your hairdresser get creative. For the full hat hair-up styles are obviously a no-no as you simply won’t get the hat on. So hair down, or a low soft bun, or a low ponytail into the nape of the neck are the best choices. If you want a real vintage look try a pillbox with a 1940s roll into the neckline, or a chignon or, if really quirky appeals to you, a fine hair net!

Keeping your hat on!

My pet hate is seeing ladies having to support the hat with one hand and a handbag in the other. Where do we put the wine glass? Securing your hat correctly leaves you comfortable and free to give your attention to enjoying the day, relaxing and being yourself without being self-conscious about “the hat”.

Hat Elastic: This is fantastic for all hair lengths, even really short, as it is so fine that it is easily disguised by fixing the hair over it. Although it’s not suitable for all hats it is ideal for all pillbox or percher shapes.

Hair Comb: Well-suited to hair-up styles. The comb stays in really well. If you have very fine hair it might not be the best choice. A comb also only works on the smaller pieces.

Hair Band: For all large saucer hats and any fascinators if your hair is fine. Satin bands are kinder on the head but require a little more covering. Choose the colour band that is closest to your hair colour. Metal bands are much thinner and easier to hide but be warned: they can sometimes hit behind the ear pressure point – and ouch, the headache!