My new block of the season is the on trend fedora hat, made in wool or luxurious peachbloom felt! Everyone looks good in a fedora hat!

Slightly larger than its sister hat the trilby, the fedora takes hat wearing to another level. When we think fedora we think men’s hat! We think rat pack, frank Sinatra, dick Tracy and 1940s gangster!

Now in this day of casual dressing a fedora hat is a hat of choice for many celebrities the chic Victoria Beckham, cool chic Kate Moss and the stunning Sienna Miller all work the fedora!

The fedora! How would I describe it. Originally a felt hat with a wide brim, with a crown who’s top has a pinch or indentation in it, trimmed with a neat petersham ribbon. Woman activists took to wearing this hat and in general woman during war time would of used their husbands hats out of necessity to keep warm, or cut them down and re shaped them (but that’s another story!).

The modern fedora is still made mainly in felt but has also been made into a more casual summer beach hat by being formed in straw.

To me the fedora is braver than a trilby, it’s a chic easy fashion accessory. Funk up a jeans and chunky jumper, fun to wear with a cute skirt boots and t-shirt, choose a floppy unwired brim for a boho look, or a wired brim for that cool funky modern addition with a warm coat for that cold winter race meeting.

And just throw it on whatever the weather for that ultimate bad hair day. Fedora hat available in wool felt and luxurious peachbloom prices from €90.00.

Fedora Hat | Wendy Louise Designs